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Setting prices for overstock products is a guessing game.

RetailRight auto-generates prices based on current local prices and custom discounts and conditions you set. 

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Tracking inventory across multiple locations causes insanity.

RetailRight tracks and displays real-time quantities across all your stores and online locations.

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Listing items to Ebay takes forever and a day.

RetailRight lists your items in eBay with images and descriptions, and adjust all your inventory accordingly. 

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Selling overstock products is cumbersome and messy.

RetailRight prints labels and receipts, tracks sales & returns, and generates reports to help you sell like a pro.

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Finding what is actually for sale is next to impossible.

RetailRight has an online product showcase for marketing to your customers and location tagging so you know where it is.

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We've saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by using RetailRight. It's just the fastest thing we've ever tried.
Stephen G.
Simply Good Overstocks
I've never seen anything like it. Listing to Ebay was so tedious I never wanted to do it. Now I can do it in minutes.
Lorelei B.
Fresh Start Liquidators

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