Stop the pain.
Increase the gain.

RetailRight was built with speed and efficiency in mind, taking all the things you need to do – and consider – and putting them into a single solution that does all the calculations, and worrying for you.


Automatic, error-free pricing that saves thousands of hours and bundles of headache.


RetailRight searches multiple sources to find and display current listed prices on every item you have.

RetailRight lets you set multiple discounts and percentages based on condition and category.

RetailRight automatically prices items based on preferences you pre-set, taking out the guesswork.

RetailRight increases pricing consistency with inventory management tools.

RetailRight allows employees to scan an item and automatically pull a price and print labels.

Inventory Management

Dependable, consistent inventory management that knows more about your items than you do.


RetailRight manages and automatically adjusts quantities at all stores.

RetailRight allows for customized location identification tagged to each item.

​RetialRight immediately adjusts items between brick-and-mortar and online locations.

RetailRight links items to the location and sales so you’ll know where everything belongs.

RetailRight “re-shelves” returned items at the same time the return is processed.


Easy, accurate listing tools for putting items in stores and online faster than the Autobahn.


RetailRight reduces the steps it takes to scan, price, and list an item.

RetailRight tracks and displays all your listed items with their price and status.

RetailRight pulls pre-built item descriptions and populates them for you.


Professional, comprehensive point-of-sale solutions to boost sales and your reputation.


RetailRight tags items with custom location details for quick item location.

RetailRight easily processes a return by scanning the receipt and pulling up item history.

RetailRight handles all the sales, returns, and inventory adjustments on the fly.

RetailRight generates custom reports to show you item price, sales, and profits.

RetailRight exports reports that can be imported to your accounting software.